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The Western Empire Volleyball Association is proud to operate a store containing volleyballs and volleyball related products at great rates for our members and outside organizations. The WEVA Store carries products from Molten® at special region prices. To check inventory, get a quote or place an order, email Rocco Lucci at

Payment for purchases can be given directly to Rocco Lucci or or made out and mailed to:

WEVA, Inc.
P.O. Box 593
Varysburg, NY 14167

Prices listed below do not include sales tax. In order to be tax-exempt, the WEVA Store must have your tax-exempt form on file prior to ordering. 

Below is just a sample of some Molten® products available. Visit the Molten site for more information and other products WEVA has access to.

Molten FLISTATEC Volleyball - USA Volleyball

Molten® FLISTATEC™ (V5M5000-3USA) $44 per ball
The Molten V5M5000-3USA is the official volleyball of USA Volleyball and will be the official volleyball for the 2014 USAV Boys' Junior National Championships. Expect exceptional, top of the line performance including increased visibility, enhanced flight stability and more accurate overhand passing and sets. By optimizing the air-current around the ball in flight and enhancing grip, Molten's FLISTATEC® Flight Stability Technology delivers athletes the control and consistency that they demand with every contact.

Molten® Super-Touch™ (IV58L-3) $44 per ball
Molten's best premium Japanese leather volleyball is manufactured using our unique cotton-wrapped Uni-bladder construction. For the softest feel, longer ball life and consistent playability it has to be Super Touch. Official game ball of the Women's Open and Girl's Junior National Championships. 2-year guarantee. Official size and weight. Special pricing available on large orders.

Molten® Pro-Touch™ (V58L-3) $43 per ball
Premium Japanese leather cover and pattern nylon wound carcass make this the international ball of choice. Official ball of the Men's Open and Boy's Junior National Championships. USAV approved. 2-year guarantee. Special pricing available on large orders.

Molten® Soft-Touch™ (IVL58L-3) $38 per ball
This replica of the official game ball of the Women's Open and Girl's Junior National Championships is manufactured using a genuine leather red, white and blue cover and Molten's exclusive cotton wrapped Uni-bladder construction. 2-year guarantee.

Molten® VBU12 Light (VBU12-3) $31 per ball
VBU12 Light Volleyball is ideal for young athletes ready to get serious about the game. The ball features a soft, microfiber composite cover and the uni-bladder cotton wrapped construction to provide a soft, durable touch. Molten's VBU12 Volleyball Series is intended for players age 12 and under and is available in a variety of colors.

Molten® First Touch™ (V70, V140, V210) $12 per ball
This product is ideal for players 10 and under. This ball has a soft cloth and foam cover and is available in 3 weights: V70 - 2.5 ounces, V140 - 5.0 ounces, and V210 - 7 ounces. Limited stock available as this product is discontinued.

Molten® Super Touch™ (IV58L-N) $44 per ball
This is Molten's official volleyball of the NCAA Women's Championship. This ball has a premium Japanese leather cover and Molten's exclusive cotton wrapped Uni-bladder construction. 2-year guarantee. OFFICIAL SIZE.


Kneepads (Limited stock available)

Molten® White Kneepads (MK0023-W) $13 per pair
Low-profile sleeve with compact contour design. Comfortable form fit. Size S or M/L.

Molten® Black Kneepads (MK0023-K) $13 per pair
Low-profile sleeve with compact contour design. Comfortable form fit. Size S or M/L.


Volleyball Carts

Molten® High Profile Ball Cart (BKH-BLU) $152 per cart
This revolutionary new ball cart design makes practice and drills a breeze. The handy lower compartment provides a convenient place for clipboards, hand pump and other necessary items. Collapses for convenient stowage or transport. Holds 24+ volleyballs.

Molten® Standard Ball Cart (BKF-BLK) $130 per cart
Molten's original ball cart was designed for balls of all types. Built higher off the ground than other ball carts, it makes for more convenient ball retrieval. Collapses for convenient stowage or transport.


Volleyball Ball Bags

Molten® Round Ball Bag (FBL) $24 per bag
Round nylon carrying bag with mesh side. Holds up to 12 volleyballs. Cinch cord for easy packing. Shoulder strap included.

Molten® Rectangular Ball Bag (MVB) $24 per bag
Rectangular nylon bag with adjustable shoulder strap. Holds 6 inflated volleyballs or soccer balls. Black with white logo on both sides.


Pumps and Gauges

Molten® Deluxe Hand Pump (HP) $10
This dual action hand pump includes a flex hose to prevent broken needles. Two standard needles are included.

Molten® Standard Pressure Gauge (PG) $10
Molten's standard pressure gauge with built-in release valve.


Flags, Whistles and Portfolios

Molten® Standard Whistle (WSP) $2
This is Molten's standard pea-whistle which includes a lanyard.

Molten® Deluxe Whistle (WDFPBK) $7
This is Molten's pea-less whistle which includes an adjustable lanyard.

Molten® Blazza Titanium Mouthpiece Whistle (RA0040) $41
This whistle has a titanium mouthpiece frame with elastic plastic to provide a soft, resiilient surface with superior durability. Produces thick, clear-cut high-pitched tone.

Molten® Dolfin Whistle (WDFPBK) $7
A pea-less whistle by Molten that is sharp, quick and unbelievably loud. Includes an adjustable lanyard.

Molten® Linesman Flags (VLF40R) $35
Set of 4 orange flags with durable golf grip handles. Nylon carry pouch with velcro closure is included. Flag size = 15-3/4" x 20-1/2".






Molten® Volleyball Strategy Board
Both sides of this strategy board are magnetic as well as dry erase whiteboards. Comes complete with dry-wipe pens, erasers and magnetic colored team pieces. Supplied with black Molten branded carry-bag. Dimensions: 17.7in x 12in.
VSB $26
Molten® Notebook
High quality 9"x12" notebook featuring the IV58L-3 Super Touch on cover. Includes notepad as well as compartment to store documents and business cards.
NTBK-3 $15
Molten® Mini Souvenir Volleyball
This new replica souvenir ball is hand stitched in red, white and blue PVC. 17-3/4" - 18" circumference.
V200-3 $8 per ball
Molten® Gold Award Ball MTV5SLGL $33 per ball